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Finding Inspiration in Every PATIENT

Gracias a todos nuestros pacientes que han enviado correos y mensajes así como posteado en Facebook o en google testimoniales y reviews. Estos son los momentos más gratificantes, cuando ayudas a un paciente. 

Arturo Samayoa

"Excelente profesional, una persona además empática y con un seguimiento personalizado a tu caso. Recomendado 1000 por ciento."

Luis Gómez Bello

Dr. de 5 estrellas

"Trato excelente, ético te hace sentir en confianza es como conversar con tu mejor amigo, experto en la materia explica detallada del procedimiento y respondiendo tus dudas de manera simple y comprensible.

Altamente recomendado."

Iván Flores González  

"Excelente atención, completa discreción, Genera mucha confianza ,muy amable,te hace sentir seguro y tranquilo como en familia, sin duda el mejor de la zona, completamente recomendado."

Anibal Gallegos  

"El doctor Carlos es un excelente profesional con una carga de empatía que te da la seguridad inmediata a ponerte en sus manos, además del seguimiento personalizado que te otorga que no tiene precio. Lo recomiendo ampliamente en cualquiera que sea el tema por el cual te acerques a su consultorio."

Ing Moises Galvan Hernandez  

"Excelente Dr. Carlos Gamiño Sabagh, altamente especializado, ético, responsable y profesional, todo un egregio en la materia, por ende, altamente recomendable."

Josh Baggio  

"Es el Messi de los doctores, al acudir con él fue como si consultara con mi mejor amigo , de verdad, súper profesional y la experiencia que tiene hace que te sientas cómodo seguro y confiado. ¡Estoy súper agradecido con el doctor Carlos porque ya estoy excelente !!!"

Lali Lalita  

"¡Haber conocido al doctor Carlos, fue como haber encontrado a un ángel!!!

La atención que nos está brindando, este profesional de la salud, no tiene palabras con la que podamos describir la seguridad que nos está dando ...

Gracias doctor por ser como es! ¡Gracias por tratar así a sus pacientes!!!

¡Dios lo bendiga!!!!"

Miry Gutiérrez  

"La atención que le dio a mi papá fue increíble, siempre nos hizo sentirnos seguros y que todo iba a estar bien, explicando todos los procedimientos y resolviendo dudas, gracias,"

Mauricio Jackson  

"Excelente médico urólogo 100% recomendado."


“Just tell people you appreciate them now and again”   Thank you Dr. Carlos you're the best.


I would again like to thank you for the great medical care you gave me and made us feel at ease being so far from home.

Thanking you.


Please read!

If you are reading these reviews on urologists, you probably  are needing one fast ( an emergency ) or might going to need help from a specialist real soon.
My husband  age 53, and having a lot of kidney stones in one of his kidneys.
He has been in a lot of pain from kidney-stones before, got a stone that blocked things and had a surgery for it a while ago.
We are from the Netherlands. 4 weeks ago, he had an emergency operation and they placed a stent. But after surgery  it seemed that they only pushed back the blocking stone and so the problem remained A week later they could only do a shock-wave treatment and for only one stone ...
So after this rather invasive procedure he still had 5 big stones and every day the risk again that it might block again. If he was lucky they could do surgery for his other stones in like 8 to 12 weeks..
We had our vacation planned long before and were going to leave in just  a few days. (on my own risk the dokter said, thank god we took that risk.
So we left the Netherlands, and arrived in Playa del Carmen. After a few days here my husbands kidney pain returned and he now needed really quick a good place to go to.
To be prepared I allready looked for a good specialist/urologist in the area Playa del Carmen. I read some good reviews about the Uro- clinic and somebody told me that there was a urologist in that clinic that was a very talented surgeon.
There are like 3 urologists in this area that should be real good, but 2 of them just work a few days in this Area or only half days. So not easy to get appointments with.
But one has a 24/7 hotline for emergencies, you can even send a message with WhatsApp. Fantastic!  And that ,we did. Friday evening, 8 pm.  We messaged in whatsapp to the Uro-clinic that we were from another Country, My Husband was in severe pain and if the Urologist ( Carlos Gamiño ) had time for us,
We could come to the hospital immediately. He (Carlos Gamiño ) was very kind to my husband in pain end checking him out , he knew direct surgery was needed immediately.
Stones were blocking again same as in the Netherlands happened. He ( Carlos Gamiño ) was amazing.  First he relieved my husband from the extreme pain he was in. Meanwhile he was getting an entire surgery team together so fast, it was unbelievable.
I asked what was going to happen and was told they were gonna make sure the blockade was stopped, and  all the kidney stones would be taken out. He promised me my husband would be fine before i knew it.  He was so kind .
A few hours later, my husband was back and feeling great!. Carlos  took all stones out with precision laser, cleaned 2 kidneys and placed a stent ( for a few days ) . It was incredible how smooth well organized this all happened,  so  Definitely worth mentioning here in a review as people want to know from real experiences where the place is the best to go to. (look no further)
With the newest laser techniques, all the stones were taken care of, all in one smooth procedure..
The aftercare was also amazing. In the days after the operation, my husband was called and asked how it was going now and so on. He got antibiotics for a week. And that's it. 100% healthy and stone free again.
If we had knew this all before, we would have gone for help here earlier!
Most people think, it's better to let them help you in your own country when you need surgery. To them, I say No, not always. Nowhere we could have been in better hands than here in this clinic!
Carlos was a kind man, good listener, speaks very good English,  respectful and as we found out ourselves a brilliant talented surgeon. In the clinic they use the most up-to-date sophisticated equipment, and my husband was very, very lucky to be in the hands of this brilliant surgeon.
For over half a year, my husband was having pain attacks. Never thought a  fast procedure / emergency operation like this was even possible...but in this Uro-clinic they made it possible.

Thank you, Dr. Carlos, for being who you are, and also thanks to all the other people in your team. Thank you all so mu

Highly recommend this Clinic, it was my honor to be able to write a well deserved review.


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